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Lib Dem News

It’s never been a better time to come and get involved with the Trafford Liberal Democrats.

The local election results here in Trafford and on a National picture show that the Lib Dems, are a strong party and we fully intend to build on this.

Why not come and join us. 


Well done to Councillors Ray Bowker and Jane Brophy being re-elected to Trafford Council and what an outstanding result here, in Trafford. 

For a list of our Trafford Lib Dem Candidates in this years 2016 local elections please click on THIS LINK

Closure of Trafford Magistrates’ Court and Altrincham County Court threatens access to justice - local Liberal Democrats warn.

Trafford Liberal Democrats have warned that the closure Trafford Magistrates’ Court and Altrincham County Court threatens to undermine access to justice for local people in the Trafford and Altrincham area. The closure is in Tranche 1 – which means closure between February and June 2016. 

Victims and witnesses will have to travel up to an hour away to attend their nearest court or tribunal proceedings rather than going to their local magistrates' court. (the workload will move to Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court and Manchester County Court)

Liberal Democrats support any attempts to upgrade our legal system but this should be done while maintaining a high functioning and local justice system.

Local Liberal Democrat activist Cllr Jane Brophy said: “Trafford Magistrates’ Court and Altrincham County Court have served our community well. Taken in the context of further cuts to local government budgets which will have a clear effect on the services residents expect, this court closure comes at the worst possible time. I urge the Government to think again and conduct a truly local impact assessment before ramming this through.”

Liberal Democrats Justice Spokesperson Jonathan Marks QC said: “Publishing the Government’s response to the consultation on court closures as Parliament rises for recess is a sneaky move to prevent debate on an issue fundamental to British justice.

“The closure of courts, particularly in rural areas, threatens access to local justice. There are clear savings to be made in the Court system, but simply shutting courts at the expense of the communities they serve is not the right approach.

 “Courts should only be closed where it can be demonstrated that local communities will not lose out. Greater efficiency cannot always be achieved by a ‘digital by default’ approach.”


If you're a Liberal I need you to become a Liberal Democrat.

- Tim Farron - Liberal Democrat Leader -

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